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Sensor Starter Kit

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Sensor Starter Kit

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  • The Sensor Starter Kit is the easiest and most affordable way for anyone to test out the plug & play sensor solution from Disruptive Technologies. The Sensor Starter Kit features 5 different sensor types and a 4G/LTE Cloud Connector with a pre-installed sim-card providing ubiquitous out-of-the-box cellular connectivity, and 1-year free sensor service subscription. Enjoy fast and easy integration via two integration paths. Create and test scalable sensor solutions without worrying about hardware, connectivity, cloud infrastructure, manufacturing, certification, or logistics.

    Included in the box

    • 1x Wireless Temperature Sensor
    • 1x Wireless Touch Sensor
    • 1x Wireless Proximity Sensor
    • 1x Wireless Water Sensor
    • 1x Wireless Humidity Sensor
    • 1x 4G Cloud Connector with power supply

    The Sensor Starter Kit pricing includes FREE shipping and all taxes and import fees. After the first year, subscriptions can be renewed or canceled using Studio. 

  • Operating Conditions Specification (Sensor)
    Temperature Range -40 to 85C
    Recommended Temperature Range -25 to 50C, non condensing
    Humidity at 25C 0 to 100% relative humidity
    Communication Protocol 868 MHz SRD/ISM band, SecureDataShot
    Wireless Range Up to 1 km line of sight, similar to WiFi indoors
    Size and weight 19x19x2.5mm, 2.0g
    Lifetime Up to 15 years at room temperature
    Certification and Compliance CE, WEEE, Batteries directive