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IoT Mini Kit

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IoT Mini Kit

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The Mini Kit contains everything you need for your IoT exploration. For Innovation and IT Managers, SMBs, Facility Managers and anyone looking to gather insights from the real world, these tiny, robust and scalable wireless sensors are easy to place and the kit is ready to use when you receive it.

Simply power the Cloud Connector and sensor data will start flowing into your Disruptive Technologies Studio account. In DT Studio you get an overview of the sensors and data, manage sensor names, set up integrations to other tools and applications, and more. The IoT Mini Kit will allow you to make qualified decisions based on live information and when needed, easily scale to fit your needs

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The cost includes a one year of free service subscription (24€/year per Cloud connector and 10€/year per sensor) which includes:

  • Sensor data reception and database hosting
  • Cloud forwarding, including data traffic
  • Cloud Full API and Applications
  • Customer support

The sensing platform

The Disruptive Technologies sensing platform is designed to gather sensor data in a simple, robust and secure way, and make the sensor data accessible from anywhere. 


The real power in these little sensors reveals itself when integrated with other systems and services. To explore the vast potential in IoT, the IoT Mini Kit easily integrates with other applications and tools, that generate insights and reacts to the sensor data. There is a variety of partners that use the Disruptive Technologies sensing platform to solve real-world problems in numerous industries.

Dashboards and alerting from partners

A common first step in IoT exploration is to visualize the data through online dashboards and to set up alerts for unexpected sensor data values. This can be temperature alerts for freezers, alarms for doors being left open, alert on too high temperature on an engine, etc. 

To make the initial exploration fast and simple, the IoT Mini Kit comes bundled with zero-code integrations that work out-of-the-box. For integration to a variety of other tools, check out our developers' site. It is also possible to download the last 30 days of sensor data as excel/CSV files directly from DT Studio.