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Cloud Connector EU 4G

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Cloud Connector EU 4G

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The Cloud Connector EU 4G connects the whole range of SecureDataShot™ enabled Sensors to the Cloud through a Power-over-Ethernet or 4G/3G/2G cellular connection.

There is no need for configuration during installation. The Cloud Connector will transparently relay traffic between all Sensors in range and the Cloud without the need for any user configuration or intervention.

More information and datasheet.


  • 1x Cloud Connector EU 4G
  • 1x Power-over-Ethernet power injector*
  • 1x EU power plug
  • 1x UK power plug
  • 1x Ethernet cable
  • Cable fasteners


*The color of the PoE injector might vary. The current color shipping with the kit is black. 


The cost includes one year of free service subscription (24€/year) which includes:

  • Sensor data reception and database hosting
  • Cloud forwarding, including data traffic
  • Cloud Full API and Applications
  • Customer support