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Water Detector - 25x Pack

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Water Detector - 25x Pack

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The Wireless Water Detector detects water coming in contact with the front of the sensor.

When the water is detected, the sensor immediately transmits a signal wirelessly with SecureDataShot™ to a Cloud Connector which relays the information onwards to a cloud service. The sensor will also send a signal if the water is no longer covering the sensor.

At 15-minute intervals, the Wireless Water Detector transmits a message notifying the system that it is present and operational.

The Wireless Water Detector also has touch functionality for simple installation and use.


More information and datasheet.

The sensor requires a Cloud Connector to send data to the cloud.

The price includes one year of free service subscription (10€/year) per sensor. 

The service subscription includes:

  • Sensor data reception and database hosting
  • Cloud forwarding, including data traffic
  • Cloud Full API and Applications
  • Customer support