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Temperature Sensor, Gen 2 - 25 pack

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Temperature Sensor, Gen 2 - 25 pack

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The 2nd generation Wireless Temperature Sensor measures the surrounding temperature and transmits the data to a nearby Cloud Connector (Gateway) via SecureDataShot™ technology. The Cloud Connector will relay temperature readings to our Cloud Service at fixed intervals. The sensor has three distinct software configurable modes:

  1. Sampling - the sensor will measure the temperature and transmit the value to the Cloud at a fixed interval (heartbeat).
  2. Logging - the sensor measures the temperature at a user-configurable interval down to 30 seconds, stores the data on-device and transmits a collection of data points to the cloud at a fixed interval.
  3. Triggering - the sensor will only send a message once the temperature reading has exceeded, or gone below, a user-configurable temperature limit. 

With the new logging mode, the temperature sensor will be able to deliver more than 30x the number of data points within a 15-minute heartbeat than the 1st generation temperature sensor, making it perfect for applications with rapid temperature changes or machine learning applications where higher resolution datasets are necessary. 

This price includes 1-year of service subscription that covers:

  • Sensor data hosting 
  • Access to full Cloud APIs
  • Access to Studio fleet management tool 
  • Customer support

Sampling and Logging mode will be available through Studio and the API at launch in Q2 with Triggering coming later this year. 

In order to transmit data to the Cloud service, this product requires a Cloud Connector.