• The easiest way to get started with sensor technology

    Buy the sensor starter kit
Buy the sensor starter kit

The easiest way to get started with sensor technology

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Sensor Starter Kit

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Easy Installation

No pairing or setup required. Simply plug the Cloud Connector into a power outlet, peel the protective film from the sensor and stick it to a flat surface. The sensor connects to the Cloud Connector automatically. It is literally plug & play and allows you to quickly and easily get started.

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Integration, encryption & data

Use our web app to manage your sensors, data, dashboards and notifications. Add the sensors to your own application through easy integration via webhooks or a full REST API. The sensors transmit data securely thanks to end-to-end encryption which provides top-tier security of your data.

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The Sensor Starter Kit is easy to get to grips with, even for a non-developer, and should prove valuable in proof-of-concept and pilot programmes where organisations are exploring how to optimise the layout and management of their premises

Charles McLellan, ZDnet

IoT Sensor Starter Kit Awards

In partnership with Wevolver, we awarded 5 Sensor Starter Kits to support engineers in the development of the next generation of smart building systems. 

We are hugely interested in the DT sensor range because of the form factor and the battery life.

John Maughan