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Wireless Sensors

Tiny, 19 x 19 x 2.5 mm sensors you can place anywhere

  • Long Battery Life

    Thanks to proprietary microchip technology, sensors can live for up to 15 years. 

  • Tiny Size

    Sensors are only 19 x 19 x 2.5 mm, making them easy to place anywhere. Literally. 

  • Mechanically Robust

    Sensors are IP68 rated, waterproof and can be installed on high-voltage equipment.

  • Simple Installation

    No pairing or setup required. Sensors can roam freely between Cloud Connectors.

Simply Peel and Stick

No glue, screws or pairing necessary. Every sensor comes with a strong adhesive that lets you attach the sensor to any object. All you have to do is peel and stick!

Industrial Sensors

The battery life of any IoT sensor is closely correlated to the temperature of the environment. To maintain the estimated 15 year battery lifetime in environments with higher temperatures, we have a separate set of sensors for industrial use.

Sensor Accesories

Make your sensors more powerful with our selection of sensor accessories

The Cloud Connector

Cloud Connectors relay messages from Wireless Sensors to the Cloud

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  • 4G LTE Connection

    Connect to the cloud using modern 4G LTE cellular technology for a robust connection.

  • Plug-and-Play

    No pairing or configuration required. Simply plug in and start receiving data in the Cloud.

  • Power-over-Ethernet

    Cloud Connectors support modern PoE standards for simple installation. 

  • Scaleable

    Cloud Connectors can support tens of thousands of sensors at the same time.

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Explore your data with Studio

Every customer gets free access to our Studio web app where you can manage all your sensors, explore and export the data as it is coming in, and configure simple notifications.

  • Dashboards

    Studio comes with drag-and-drop dashboards that let you quickly visualize your sensor data. Get an overview and gain insights from your installation by comparing data from multiple sensors. Can also be used in fullscreen for kiosk mode scenarios.

  • Notifications

    Create custom triggers based on sensor data for automatic email notifications. All devices support notification triggers. Examples:

    "Door has been open for more than 1 hour"
    "Humidity has been below 20%RH for 30 minutes"
    "Temperature is above 40°C"

  • Fleet management

    Studio provides you with tools to manage your sensors and Cloud Connectors as your installations grow. Devices can be given labels for quick search and filtering & grouped into projects that give you precise access control.

Control everything with our APIs

To make it as easy as possible for anyone to integrate data from our sensors in to their own application, we have created a powerful set of APIs that are available for free. Integrate using webhooks, our full REST API or Python API.